PuTTY 0.60

Kārtējā PuTTY 0.60 beta. Lejupielādēt var oficiālajā lapā.

These features are new in beta 0.60 (released 2007-04-29):

  • Pressing Ctrl+Break now sends a serial break signal.
  • Serial ports higher than COM9 now no longer need a leading \\.\.
  • You can now store a host name in the Default Settings.
  • Bug fix: serial connections and local proxies should no longer crash all the time.
  • Bug fix: configuring the default connection type to serial should no longer cause the configuration dialog to be skipped on startup.
  • Bug fix: “Unable to read from standard input” should now not happen, or if it still does it should produce more detailed diagnostics.
  • Bug fix: fixed some malformed SSH-2 packet generation.
  • Other minor bug fixes.

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