Dr. DivX 1.0 Final

Dr.DivX Lūk arī iznāca Dr. DivX 1.0 9 356KiB fināla versija, kas kļuvusi gandrīz divreiz smagāka nekā iepriekš piedāvātā beta. Tas kaut kā mani biedē.

Bet tā kā par šo zvēru jau rakstīju iepriekš, kad iznāca beta versija, tad tur arī var palasīt sīkāk, kas un kā.

Maksā tas prieks gandrīz 50 amerikāņu latus. Ķīnieši pagaidām klusē.


* Encode video into DivX in 3 easy steps
* Encode from a variety of inputs including MPEG1, MPEG2, MPEG4, AVI, AviSynth, WMV, Live Capture and DV
* Auto-detection of cropping.
* Auto-detection of interlace and 3:2 pull down.
* Auto-detection of resolution and aspect ratio.
* Create and save custom encoding profiles.
* Batch encoding mode to encode hundreds of video clips with ease.
* Integrated EKG to fine-tune your video.
* DivX Certified encoding profiles for playback on DivX Certified hardware devices.

Fixes from Beta 1.0

* Dr. DivX will now open AVISynth script files.
* Dr. DivX now prevents external filters such as Morgan Stream Switcher from being used inadvertently.
* DV CAM de-interlacing now works properly.
* Fixed a bug that caused video splitting (x file of y size) to malfunction.
* Fixed a bug that caused information section to not update jobs properly.
* Fixed a bug that caused the application to crash during preview of DV.
* Fixed a bug that caused the output bit rate to decrement as the Certification button was checked/unchecked continuously.
* Fixed when frame rate control (x1/2, x1/3) had no effect in Home Theatre.
* Fixed when frame rate control (x1/2, x1/3) had no effect with no Certification buttons selected.
* Fixed a bug that caused profile editor to not restrict profile to certification levels.
* Fixed a bug that caused profile editor to save MPEG-4 parameters (GMC, Q-Pixel) in .dip file even with Certification enabled.
* A single pass batch encoding job will not cause Dr. DivX to crash.
* Encoding Screen – Bit rate graph zooms-in/out as encoding progresses
* Fixed a bug where user was able to produce the correct size output file for certain input files.
* Fixed a bug that caused Dr. DivX to resize improperly for non-standard aspect ratio inputs.
* Fixed a bug that caused the Certification chosen in the profile editor to not be reflected in Dr. DivX application.
* Fixed a bug that caused Dr. DivX to hang if user encoded a clip with Certification disabled and Resize unchecked.
* Fixed a bug that caused the Dr. DivX “Profile Output” to display erroneous resolution value when different certification level was selected.
* Fixed a bug that caused Dr. DivX to fail to start a batch job (configured by EKG) when EKG is still open.
* Fixed miscellaneous GUI bugs.

Known Issues

* During the trial period there may be a short pause before encoding. This won’t affect file encodes, but may affect live capture or DV input. When the product is registered, this delay will not occur.
* Windows 98′ cannot use live capture feature.
* Dr. DivX may crash if no AC3 decoder is present when encoding input files that contain AC3 audio.
* “Mark in and out” may not be accurate on MPEG2 files that have breaks in their PTS structure.
* Single pass on some MPEG2 files may produce file size different then requested.
* Inclusion of some VirtualDub filters may cause Dr. DivX to crash.
* Encoding Live-capture content with DV Cam may not be accurate (mark-in/mark-out time).
* Frame decimation may not work in case of live-capture content encoding.
* Dr. DivX occasionally fails to encode a clip with a separate Audio input (MP3).
* Live capture encoding with some live capture cards may freeze Dr. DivX on first encode.
* Dr. DivX may stop responding at the beginning of a second pass encoding of a large input file.
* Encoding to multiple file segments may produce inaccurate file sizes in some cases.
* MV files are disabled in this version.

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