Intervija ar GitHub CEO Chris Wanstrath par neseno uzbrukumu

Marta beigās publiskajam Git repozitoriju servisam GitHub tika veikts milzīgs uzbrukums no Ķīnas. CNet ir publicēta intervija ar GitHub CEO Chris Wanstrath par šo uzbrukumu.

Those two targeted GitHub sites were, a nonprofit organization that tries to help people bypass Chinese censorship, and the Chinese New York Times, according to an analysis of the attack by network security software firm Netresec. But it hurt all of GitHub’s operations.

Jautrākais ir tas, ka viņi pat nesaprata, kas ar to uzbrukumu bija domāts.

So was somebody trying to send a message?
Wanstrath: Of course. I just don’t know who the message was for. I’m not even sure the message is to us. You don’t need to be a state government to run this sort of attack. Sometimes it’s teenagers fighting over message boards.

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