Vai Twitter ir jauniešu komunikāciju līdzeklis? ir atrodams raksts par to, kam ir domāts Twitter un kas to izmanto. Sākums ir līdzīgs tam, ko es par to domāju.

If you haven’t heard of Twitter yet — or, if you’re wondering, “Why would anyone ever want to Twitter?” — you’re probably, well, not young. I received quizzical looks from some friends in my age group when I mentioned it. And, invariably, after explaining what Twitter was and why it was important, I got the same response, “I just don’t get it.” Then I asked several of my new (18-to-24-year-old) Facebook friends why they found Twitter appealing. Their responses ranged from “It’s a great way to broadcast your stream of consciousness” to “It’s a more effective way of communicating with several people at once.” But these answers still beg the original question: why would you ever want to Twitter in the first place?

Bet dziļāka statistikas izpēte deva interesantus rezultātus.

Dati gan ir par Ameriku, bet ar laiku arī mūsu čivinātāji izaugs. 😉

I figured that the service would appeal exclusively to youngsters with nothing better to do. The user data, however, tell me I’m wrong, and reveal a very specific user profile: for example, males make up 63% of Twitterers, specifically males from California, whose residents account for more than 57% of Twitter’s visitors. More interestingly, the age demographics of Twitterers show a dramatic shift. When the site became popular in early 2007, the majority of its visitors were 18-to-24-year-olds. Today the site’s largest age demographic is 35-to-44-year-olds, who make up 25.9% of its users.

Man patika Twitter lietotāju divi tipiskākie profili.

The first group, type H03 (14.7% of Twitter visitors), a.k.a the “Stable Career,” comprises a “collection of young and ethnically diverse singles living in big-city metros like Los Angeles, Philadelphia and Miami.” The Stable Career tends to work in the arts and entertainment industry, drive small cars and espouse very liberal political views.

The second largest type of Twitterer is H01 (12.3% of the site’s visitors) — or, the “Young Cosmopolitan.” These are the 40-somethings. They’re likely to drive a hybrid car such as the Toyota Prius, earn household incomes over $250,000 per year and also identify with very liberal politics.

Protams, ka otrais šķiet tīkamāks. Tagad tikai jāšancē, lai ap 40 gadiem man būtu $250k ienākumi. 😀

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  1. SkePtiķiS

    Noskatījos video kas tas taads vispār. Izklausās stulbs pasākums…
    Tas laikam lai visi specdienesti zinātu ko tu dari katru dienu 😛

  2. Ēriks

    Noskatoties video lapā var baigi labi saprast, kas tas par zvēru 🙂 karoče tā pati publiskā dienasgrāmata vien ir.


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