VirtualDub 1.5.7 un VirtualDub-MPEG2 1.5.7

Iznāca jauna VirtualDub 1.5.7 build 18014 659KiB versija, kurā ir izlabotas kļūdas, to starpā arī viena dēļ kuras es nepublicēju iepriekšējās versijas relīzi.

Pēc oficiālās relīzes tūlīt arī iznāk fccHandler versija ar pievienoto MPEG-2 atbalstu – VirtualDub-MPEG2 1.5.7 build 18019 662KiB. Vienīgā atšķirība no oficiālās versijas ir pievienotais MPEG-2 formāta atbalsts. Nemācēšu teikt vai tas ir labi vai slikti, bet, ja nekļūdos, tad kopš 1.5.6 versijas AC3 atbalsts vairs netiek iekļauts pašā programmā, bet tiek piedāvāts kā atsevišķš modulis – AC-3 ACM Decompressor by fccHandler.

Current build (1.5.7, stable): [October 20, 2003]
[bugs fixed]
* Quick preview didn’t work if the current position was past the number of source frames, even if the timeline was longer than that.
* Added FPU guards that were missing in a couple of critical places (AVIFile open, codec negotation).
* The timeline wasn’t properly extended if segments were auto-attached by filename after edits had been made.
* Configuration scripts saved when no file is open no longer alter the edit list when loaded.
* Jobs launched from the command line used the normal error modes rather than those set as default by the user.

[regressions fixed]
* Filter preview buttons weren’t updating the frame.
* Save Image Sequence command would randomly produce an unrequested job instead of initiating the render directly.
* MP3 audio streams were getting written with dwLength=0 if correction was enabled.
* MPEG decoder occasionally decoded garbage into the video frame, resulting in sporadic block errors during processing.
* A race condition in the fast write code occasionally resulted in spurious write errors.
* Append AVI function was incrementing the filename extension instead of the name component.
* Avisynth scripts smaller than 60 bytes weren’t being autodetected properly.

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