Media Player Classic

Un atkal jauna versija Media Player Classic tikai šoreiz par to ir minēts arī izstrādātāju lapā. Tātad to varētu saukt par fināla versiju.

Media Player Classic priekš Windows NT/2k/XP 524KiB
Media Player Classic priekš Windows 9x/ME 520KiB

Atgādināšu, ka programmu nav jāinstalē, jo tā tiek piedāvāta kā viens fails attiecīgai operāciju sistēmai un vizuāli līdzinās Microsoft Windows Media Player 6.4, bet funkcionāli ir tik daudz iespēju kā jebkuram normālam DivX pleijerim.

Media Player Classic mājas lapa

Kas jauns Media Player Classic
* Opening is done on a worker thread by default (can be switched of from the options). I wouldn’t go into explaing why this is useful, compare the two modes to understand it.
* VC-like accelerator table editor. (means configurable shortcut keys)
* The font chooser for subtitles was replaced with the style editor from the subresync toolbar.
* Opens quicktime and shockwave flash using their activex controls (~ browser plugins) when they are installed. The possibilies are a bit limited this way, flash works quite good, quicktime less good (read terrible :). Interaction with flash can be tricky, with the mouse there is no problem but if you also want to use the keyboard, some of the shortcut keys may need to be temporally reassigned to somewhere else.
* When the main menu gets too wide after translation, the minimal window width is increased to fit everything in one line.
* A couple of new command line switches, see help menu or start with /?.
* alt/ctrl/shift+mousewheel is linked to other commands.
* Clicking the seekbar with the shift key held down jumps on keyframes with avi files loaded (if enabled in the options).
* Playlist can be saved from its context menu.
* Audio renderer selection lists all available audio renderer you have. Video renderer list is still static because that doesn’t have a dedicated category defined by directshow.
* Editable pan&scan presets.
* Minimal/Compact/Normal views similar to wmp64’s original setup.
* When video_ts.ifo is opened the player will automatically switch into dvd mode.
* Playlist files can have relative paths on the list.
* Fixed several problems with limited user accounts, including realmedia opening and the not showing up file type icon at file/properties.
* The normal fullscreen command was changed to fill the nearest monitor (it was finding the primary in previous version), the other accessable with +shift was removed.
* If you could never capture anything with a/v in sync then there is a new hope now, the audio can be outputted into a separate wav file. This not only eliminates most of the frame dropping reasons (lots of ram and large buffers can help too :), but also the avi mux filter won’t correct the final framerate of the avi, so joining multiple captures becomes possible.
* Subtitling engine was rewritten (anyone cares besides me? ah, well :), and there is some support for the new usf format (msxml is need, most systems have it already but I’m not sure about the exact minimum requirements). Since usf only allows unicode, under win9x it probably won’t display characters other than ansi correctly, but this may change in the future.
* Certain avi files hanging the player was fixed.
* … and many more changes I can’t remember now.

15 thoughts on “Media Player Classic

  1. Hellfsh

    Pastiijos procesus un atminjas noslodzi: vienu un to pashu klipu Mplayer9 raadiija ar 10% mazaaku noslodzi, kaa arii tam jaunaakie kodeki uzlikti bija. Iespeejams, Mplayer6ClassicNewEdition tie vareetu buut pieliekami klaat. Kaa arii nepatika kaa peec kluudas pazinjoshanas Mplayer6ClassicNewEdition nereagjeeja vairaak uz uzaicinaajumiem speeleet filmas.

  2. zampa

    Šķiet uz WinNT4.0 nestrādā. Nobļaujas par to ka DirectDraw kautkas neesot. Ir kādam uz NT4.0 SP6 izdevies šito piestartēt??


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