The Bat! 1.60 Final

Beidzot ir noticis TAS!
Lejupielādēt jauno versiju var šeit The Bat! 1.60 Final 2 402Kb.
DAMN.The Bat! 61Kb (fails būs pieejams tikai līdz pirmdienai, ja izdzīvos 😉 )

What’s new in The Bat! 1.60?

[ Legend: ]
[ + Added feature ]
[ * Improved/changed feature ]
[ – Bug fixed (we hope) ]

[!] CryptoAPI support for S/MIME. Options|S/MIME preferences|Microsoft CryptoAPI
[!] It is now possible to choose between plain text fixed font viewer and the HTML viewer with possibility to use proportional fonts
[!] It is now possible to define user-defined shortcuts using the “View|Edit Shortcuts” menu command of the main window, Message Viewer, Finder, Editor and Address Books
[!] New HTML viewing engine
[!] TLS (SSL) support
[!] Virus Checker (see the options in the “Options|Virus Checker” dialogue)
[+] “Auto adjust column width in threaded view” option in the “Options|Preferences” dialogue
[+] “Keep task” option (and the parking sign icon on the left of the task name) in Connection Centre
[+] %CALCULATE=”expression” macro (%CALC would work as well) to calculate values of an arithmetic expressions (possibly extracted by regular expressions)
[+] %DATE/TIME/ODATE/OTIME=”format” macros
[+] /ADD command line parameter
[+] /RefreshAB command line/DDE parameter to refresh the currently selected address book
[+] A choice to restore from a backup archive after (re)installation
[+] A popup menu in the message header panel to reply to a specific address, write a new message to it or add it to the address book.
[+] A possibility to add a root certificate to the trusted root store from a certificate viewer.
[+] A possibility to define different Address Book Sets – “Save/Load Address Book Set” commands in the File menu of the Address Book Window
[+] Added an ability to sess whether an addressee has personal template in address book.
[+] Added default XLATs for Greek, Baltic, Turkish, Chinese, Thai and Japanese (Shift-JIS) XLAT Tables must be reset to get those tables.
Latin-9 should be fixed too.
[+] Added Latin-9 charset that allows Euro Sign.
[+] Alt+PgUp/PgDn for fast scrolling message preview area without moving focus to it
[+] Alternative address selection for creating messages from the address book.
[+] Drag and Drop attachments FROM messages
[+] EDIT parameter for the /MAIL command to open the editor window
[+] Filter log information for incoming messages
[+] Glyph that a message is signed is displayed in a message list over envelope image. This glyph however is not related to the actual signature validity. It olny indicates that a message has a signature, without differentiating whether the signature is valid or not.
[+] Import messages from MS Outlook
[+] Import messages from Nescape 6
[+] Import of Outlook Express folder structure
[+] It is now possible to create folders “outside” accounts
[+] It is now possible to define behaviour for moving to the next/previous message across folders
[+] It is now possible to drag and drop messages into the message editor
[+] List of shortcut conflicts in the shortcut editor
[+] Message split options in the account properties at the “Files and Directories” page and in the message editor
[+] MSN (NTLM) authentication on SMTP. Works automaticly, doesnt require an option
[+] An option to do MSN authentication on POP3
[+] Possibility to change format of date/time displayed in the message list
[+] Read of message base indices is now much faster.
[+] RFC 2369 Mailing List support (Specials|Mailing List)
[+] S/MIME Certificate Generation & Certificate signing requests.
[+] SMTP authentication messages.
[+] Text drag-and-drop from external applications into the message editor
[+] The “Utilities|Evaluate” menu command in the message editor for quick evaluation of simple arithmetic expressions (if the “=” sign is used at the end, the expression the result will be added after it, otherwise the result replaces the expression)
[+] The incoming mail filter for moving messages from known senders to a special folder so the Inbox can be left for unknown senders and spam 🙂
[+] Tools|SmartPad
[+] Unicode strings in X.509 certificates are properly displayed
[+] Virus checking window for folders (Folder | Check for virusses)
[*] /LDIFnoUTF command line parameter in order to disable UTF-8 when old backup archives are restored
[*] An option to compress all folders on exit (Account|Properties|Options).
[*] Configurable option to use reply numbering in the subject line (Account|Properties|Templates|Reply)
[*] Copy to Clipboard from RT/HTML viewer should be more precise now
[*] Copying messages with external attachments creates new copies of attachments
[*] Ctrl+Shift+* closes all expanded threads
[*] Custom colours defined in the Colour dialogue are now remembered.
[*] Delays after mail checking should be gone
[*] Handling of folders with big number of messages should be faster and need less memory
[*] If a message is not found by opening an msgid URL, a query is displayed
[*] In address book, “New Message Using Template” and “New Mass Mail Using Template” were invisible unless there were appropriate quick templates defined.
[*] Inbox folder is by default automatically compressed.
[*] It is now possible to import/export messages directly from/to .EML files
[*] It’s now possible to select multiple files attached to a message in the Main Window, Message Finder window and Folder View window. It’s possible to save, print, delete, open the entire selection.
[*] It’s now possible to type text in a folder selection dialogue window.
[*] Local menu in the queue list of Connection Centre
[*] Message finder should work faster now
[*] Message Ticker view now has a separate title and own column settings
[*] Messages in the message list and message header pane
[*] More information when an error occurs during folder backup
[*] More URL types added: telnet, gopher, snews and file://
[*] Moving messages with external attachments across accounts with adjusting location of the attachments
[*] National characters (not only of the current locale) are shown in the message list and the message header if the selected font allows it
[*] New network control algorithm that should minimise amount of network traffic
[*] Oldest messages are used as thread roots for threading by subject/from/to
[*] PC Speaker is used for beeping when moving to unread messages across folders (hmm, is it a good idea? 🙂
[*] Periodical checking should now work more smoothly (well, so did it before for many users, but maybe the change will affect the rest 🙂
[*] Quotation characters are now stripped from the message header fields
[*] Right click on the entry list header in the address book brings the Column Setup dialogue.
[*] Size column in the message list is being right-aligned.
[*] SMTP authentication was adding log records when it failed
[*] Suggested split size is by default 100 kilobytes (was 16) for newly created accounts
[*] System versions/builds should be displayed more correctly
[*] The “Message|Specials” menu is moved to the top level
[*] The progress form became two-lined with word-wrapping.
[*] The Sender field is used first when no Reply-To specified
[*] vCard: work around for missing leading space in wrapped Quoted-Printable lines
[*] Viewer settings (fonts and colours) are used for HTML page viewing
[*] When the address picker window is being invoked, the focus is now in “Quick Search” field.
[-] “Add All” pop-up menu command in the Address Picker was not functional
[-] “Dispatch mail on server” gave access to password-protected accounts.
[-] “Duplicate handle” bug when creating message to a specific address of an entry with assigned handle
[-] “Grid index out of range” error when adding a new account
[-] “Ignore all” in the spell checker’s pop-up menu was not functional
[-] “Wrong cookie” problem
[-] %WRAPPED macro added an empty line at the end
[-] A bug with POP session hanging in the CC if combined delivery and POP-before-SMTP are used simultaneously
[-] A logged “ordinary” user could see non-logged account names
[-] Access Violation when the Print Setup dialogue is called
[-] An extra (current) message was left when filtering switched on for the message list
[-] An option to use the PC speaker or a sound card as beeper for moving between folders.
[-] APOP checkbox in New Account Wizard didn’t work
[-] AutoSave of a message being replied could set “replied” mark and run “replied” filter, even if the message has been cancelled.
[-] Bug: (IMAP) sub-folders of the INBOX folder were not displayed making it almost impossible to work with some mail services
[-] Bug: colour group condition when the generic colour group was selected
[-] Bug: displaying transparent images in a separate window
[-] Bug: forwarding a non(7,8-bit)-encoded files stored as external attachments.
[-] Bug: incorrect cursor movement in auto-format
[-] Bug: not allowing access to other tabs in the folder properties dialogue
[-] Bug: saving several messages at once
[-] bugs with read-only access to address book files
[-] Copy menu items and toolbar buttons were enabled in Message Viewer even if no text has been selected.
[-] Correct behaviour when user attempts to delete a Certificate Database from the address book list
[-] Custom colours were not saved/reused in the “Choose colour” dialogue
[-] Directories and TBI files were not deleted from disk after deleting account
[-] Fixed some more scroll wheel problems
[-] Fixed UIDL case-sensitive compare.
[-] Focusing problem upon MAPI calls
[-] Folder expand/collapse information hasn’t been stored.
[-] In S/MIME, “micalg” parameter of MIME multipart/signed message has always been set to sha1 regardless actual algoritm used.
[-] Incorrect switching to a previous tab in SmartBat
[-] It was impossible to send out messages larger than 16KB over TLS.
[-] It was not possible to exit TB! if a message was received by an IMAP account
[-] It was not possible to select the first field by the first click in the header pane
[-] It was not possible to view source of decrypted S/MIME messages
[-] It was only possible to view message source (F9) after clicking “Message” menu.
[-] It was possible to lock up The Bat! by sending an attachment named as a standard OS device (thanks to WinDOS “ideology” for device naming)
[-] It was possible to lose photo from the personal vCard
[-] It was not possible to save files with asterisks in their names.
[-] LDIF parameters with non-ASCII characters were written as binary values but read as UTF-8 strings. Now everything is correct (UTF-8 is used by default)
[-] Local delivery was not working properly
[-] Mailbox Import Wizard doesn’t prompt for the directory where the *.MBX files are kept when running under Windows NT/2000 with multiple identities.
[-] Most of attachments with contents-type containing “text/” were not displayed on the attachments pane
[-] Opened .MSG/.EML files after attempt to view the source through F9
[-] Parked addresses in drop-down lists in message editor could be deleted by new addresses.
[-] Possible hang-ups when saving attachments to a network drive
[-] Print an attached image from the preview pane tab was printing a blank page
[-] Restored accounts were not shown in the folder tree
[-] Scroll Wheel was not working in the HTML viewer
[-] Several bugs with forwarding messages
[-] Some bugs in the MAPI support subsystem
[-] Some bugs related to usage of quotation marks in address fields
[-] Some bugs with starting The Bat! using shell commands
[-] Some macros for setting options (e.g. %NOSIGNCOMPLETE, %USEPGP, %LANGUAGE, etc) didn’t work in arguments of other macros (e.g. %IF).
[-] Some menu items related to folder and message operations weren’t grayed in the main form when empty folder was selected
[-] The “Auto-disconnect” checkbox in the Connection Cenre was cleared too often
[-] The Bat! was sometimes unable to correctly determine the amount of available space on drives larger than 2GB.
[-] The Bat! was unable to save “S/MIME Encrypted Message” attachment to binary file
[-] The Cancel button of the Maintenance Centre behaved strange
[-] Too much space characters were deleted in the plain text version of a HTML message
[-] Unread message counter for Inbox was not updated correctly while fetching mail
[-] WordStar block commands were not working properly

6 thoughts on “The Bat! 1.60 Final

  1. uupizz

    Bat rullee.Taa ir sen zinaama patiesiiba. Bet tagad aarpus teemas. coolynx, vecaa seene, tagad ir sveetdiena, 24 marts, aapraatiigi agrs ( 10:46 ) – esmu pamodies sigulgdaa nezkaadaa sakaraa un esmu baaigi pagjirains. coolynx. Kad tu esi peedejo reizi jutis lieliskas smagas pagjiras. Tu vari uzlikt roku uz sirds un taa godiigi atbildeet?:DD Nu esi cilveeks un piedzeramies vienreiz:)(man ir jauns mails ja kas:DDD)

  2. jancis

    uzliku jamo pa virsu vecajai versijai un nez kapec tika izveidota jauna direktorija INBOX-KNOWN. mosh kads zin kapec? vai jama ir vajadziga?

  3. coolynx

    jancis: tā ir viena no jaunajām ekstrām. Tipa zināmos jeb pazīstamos meilus močīs iekšā šajā boxā un nezināmos parastajā inbox. Es jau paspēju nonest jauno inboxu, kad nejauši palaidu betu. Tagad ieinstalēju finālu un man vairs nav Inbox-Known, jo saglabājis laikam, ka man tie inboxi ir izdēsti. Uzlikt atpakaļ var ierakstot inbox name lauciņā $KNOWN$ un tas automātiski kļūs par Inbox-Known. Helps jāpalasa un tā 😉

  4. latgalec

    man gan ir viens q: kaapeec jamais bremzee pie filtring? baigi ilgi domaa kurs msg baazt, pie 1.53 bis nekaa tamliidziiga nebija. mosh kaads zina?


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